Certified Pesticide Residue Free Produce

Protect the health of your customers with Certified Pesticide Residue Free food

prfScientific Certification Systems’ Pesticide Residue Free Certification is a lower cost alternative to organic certification. While the USDA has found that 23% of organic foods contain pesticide residues, the Pesticide Residue Free Certification assures your customers that your produce contains no residues— this is the most stringent pesticide residue guarantee in the marketplace today. Getting certified helps retailers sever the link between ADHD and pesticide residues in children who eat their fruits and vegetables.

The certification requires full disclosure of pest management practices, evaluation of pest management practices, on-site “worst-case” sampling of products, and laboratory testing to confirm that there are no pesticide residues present at levels above laboratory detection capabilities. We use a level of detection of 0.01 ppm for most pesticides which is 10 to 1,000 times more stringent than required by law, aimed at meeting recommended “child protection” levels.

flow_diagramOur Pesticide Residue Free Certification has linked innovative growers to retailers and consumers who need affordably priced food that meets the most stringent level of safety. The certification is:

  • Achievable under both conventional and organic growing methods.
  • Backed by strict scientific protocols of inspection, sampling, and testing.
  • Suitable for products headed either for the fresh or processed foods markets.

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